Haiti May 2010

This was my first trip in to Haiti since the 7.7 earthquake that hit on Jan 2010. This was a very busy and overwhelming trip for all of us. We helped by distrubuting over 10 000 pounds of food along with other esntial items to the people. The orgainization we went to help with is called Haiti Missions.


Fishing along the shore of Leogane Haiti.
I found this little girl was dancing on the beach by Leogane. She was pretending that the plastic bag she was wearing was a beautiful white dress. In the midst of all the earthquakes destruction this plastic bag was one of the only possessions she had left. Regardless of the situation she still remained happy and joyful as only a child could.
This little girl named Joy, is using the bucket as her bathtub.
Inside of a home that was hit by the earthquake.
Playing with one of the local drums.
Some of the rice that we distrubuted to people.
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